Used Motor Oil

Every business, home, farm, or out building has a gallon or two old of motor oil. The landfills won't accept this precious Bio-fuel but we will. We offer a full time pick up service to assist in reclaiming this Bio-fuel!

Recycle oil for better enviroment.

Used motor oil, we all have it in the back of our garage, out building, shed, or barn: that gallon or gallons of the black ugly, black oil that nobody wants. Yes, you saved money on the oil change of the old Buick and now what?.. the landfills won't take it, the garages won't take it, and most of all , your trash man will charge you an arm and a leg to pick it up!

Believe it or not- it still is a great source for a Bio-Fuel. It can be reused over and over in so many ways...asphalt plants, cleaned and reused in a vehicle again! It can be burned, all of these items can benefit from returning this old used motor oil to a pure recycler!

Fossil fuels never go bad, but they need to be used once refined. It is not good to put this back into the soil. It contaminates the top soil and can kill wildlife. It needs to be treated in a very special way.

We can reuse it! We can save it from the landfill!

Call us and we will pick it up!

During normal use, impurities get in the oil so that, in time, the oil no longer performs well. Eventually, this used oil must be replaced.