We offer a service for anyone from tree services to home owners; A pick up service of trees, limbs and branches. We will use 100% of these products to put into Bio-Fuel.

We Want Your Trees!

Daily, hundreds of thousands of trees, limbs, twigs, and leaves are buried in landfills. This is the oldest form of Bio-Fuel on earth.

Wood products have been fueling the earth since the beginning of time. It holds so many uses. Most of the time, we take it for granted! There are thousands of trees that are rotting and decaying within our forests. Those decaying trees are providing great nutrients back into the forest environment.

But the millions of trees that are sitting on the side of your house or in a field should not go in a landfill. They need to be converted to Bio-Fuel. From Firewood to wood pellets, every single piece of sawdust can be used as a viable wood pellet! Pellets can be used in residential homes, commercial warehouses, and offices. They can be burned in generators to generate electricity but mostly used to generate heat.

Call Us And We Will Come And Get Your Trees!

Firewood! We Want Your Trees!