We specialize and are certified Fertilizer and Pesticide Applicators through the Department of Agriculture.

"If your lawn looks like the picture above," Call us Now!

Your lawn should look like a plush carpet. It should be free of weeds and should be tight with new growth. When we treat your lawns, it should be timely, such as treating "Creeping Charlie." So much of our applications need to be timely... not just because we haven't applied it but because there are very specific time to apply. If your present lawn service doesn't know this, it's time to change.

We are specialists! We specialize in making your lawn look awesome, commercial or residential, and all grass need the basics. Correcting a lawn doesn't happen with one application and doesn't happen overnight. Although we can turn it around in three days.

As specialists, we need to take into consideration your grass' environment; soil type, standing water, shade, drainage, elevated area and sunken areas, all play a part!!

Our staff has been treating lawns and trees commercially since the 1982 World's Fair in Knoxville, Tennessee. In recent years, you would have seen our work at The Mall of America, Imation, Boston Scientific, Bear Path Golf Course Community, Target Stores, and many more. If you watched car racing such as the Indianapolis 500 or NASCAR events, you have seen our work. If you've watch a college football game, you have probably seen our work there as turf builders.

We have developed our own "goose be gone" solution. We used the highest of Antiquinine available to rid those geese, ducks and birds from those natural "droppings" those beautified lawns.

Our staff has over 100 years of corrective lawn care. We, also, specialize in Tree care; such as, Emerald Ash Bore and Oak Wilt. We are certified in Aquatics, Rights of Way( such as railroads and Highways) Pocket gophers to Whitetail Deer eradication and Mosquitos and Black Fly larvae.

" So let us take the "BITE" OUT OF YOUR SUMMER!!"



Which is Creeping Charlie? Which is Ground Ivy? Which is Dollar weed, Pennywort? Which is Chickweed, Mousear? Do you know the difference?—We do!