About Us

We are a "green" company.

We are a "green" company. When asked, it is easy for us to explain that every thing we do, we look out for our environment. We fertilize and correct bad turf. Looking at your lawn, there are several things going on that you may not see. We will correct them! In looking at your trees, you might see that all is okay, when really your Oaks are wilting and your Ash is being eaten by the Emerald Ash Borer.

If you have a lake or pond you see the water but not the algae or milfoil. Maybe you live close to a railroad track or highway and the weeds have taken over. You could have the best looking lawn in the world and be compared to famous golf course but the pocket gophers and whitetail deer are wrecking the petunias!!

We are licensed and certified by the Department of Agriculture to handle all of these problems. We can change any commercial or residential lawn in three days. We follow all the rules and for this we are specialists!

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In separate divisions, we are recyclers and Bio-fuel makers. With used motor oil, we recondition this precious fluid back to a usable state; Asphalt, Motor oil , lubricants and so on. Firewood: every last particle can be used for wood pellets; perfect pellets for Bio-fuel!! Yes, even the leaves!

Scrap metals may be junk and tomorrow may be a part of your old car. Used batteries can be used in so many ways, as well.

It is amazing how much we can keep from the landfills and how we can save the ecological environment by
doing our part! Call us today and we will pick up any of these items, most of the time at no charge to you!!

As another division, GRAHAM TECHNOLOGY focuses on its perfect product of Extinguishing Fires. Under the
S.A.F.E. system (Strategically Advanced Fire Extinguishing) this product jettisons from a large moving aircraft down to the forest fire. As a proprietary product, it can be released in such a way to extinguish fires with pin point accuracy. It, also, has the ability to reseed the forest floor as well as color coat its applications for safety. We will put out these fires and save thousands of acres, trees, and homes with this revolutionary technology.